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Winter Front Door Inspiration

As you take down your boughs of greenery and colorful wreath arrangement from your front door, your house’s entry may seem a bit bare. Fortunately, you don’t have to save all your favorite decorations for the holiday season. Your front door and outside entry (porch, stairs, etc.) can handle decorations at any time of year. A decorated front door is an excellent way to give passersby a glimpse at your personal style as well as boost your home’s curb appeal. Beyond that, it’s another excuse to stretch your creative style muscle as you choose what will look best in your space.

Here are a few things that could inspire you during the winter season.


Greenery isn’t just for Christmas! In fact, you can even stretch your evergreen decorations past the holiday as long as you remove any ornaments, holly, or other holiday adjacent accents. Instead, try greenery with accents of white. If you are sick of evergreen, try magnolia leaves in your wreath or swag around the door.

Let It Snow

January means snow here in Chicago, so you can embrace it a bit with your front door decorations. While you can certainly put up decorate snowmen or a snowflake wreath, you can also go more abstract by adding a colorful snow shovel to the side of your door and old snow boots nearby.

Embrace Simplicity

After all the twinkle and decorations of the holiday season, you may appreciate a decorative palate cleanser at your front door. Take everything down and add just one element of your choosing. Not only does a clean look feel refreshing after the holiday, but it can also clear up your mind to be a bit more creative with the space in future months.

While you are choosing your front door decor, you may feel restless with your current door. Or, you may wonder if your home could benefit from a new front door that has more windows or a bit more color. If you are considering a new front door, this time of year is ideal to call the team at Rusco.

For more than eight decades, we have worked diligently with clients throughout Chicagoland to find the perfect front door. Call us today to tell us more about your current door and the look you are seeking for the entrance to your home. Let’s work together to give you a door you can love for years to come.

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