Contemporary vs. Traditional Custom Windows

Over our more than eight decades serving clients throughout Chicagoland, our Rusco design team is lucky enough to be a guide and resource during the selection process. Our clients are all different, and while some call us with specific details about the custom window they would like to add to their home, most clients come to us knowing they need to update their home but not knowing how to get started.

It’s not uncommon for the typical homeowner to be confused about exactly what type of custom window they want. Many are surprised to see there are so many choices, and some feel overwhelmed with the options. In any case, our design consultants are ready to assist all clients with finding the custom window they will love for years to come.

If you are considering adding a custom window to your home, you may want to start by weighing your general options of a more contemporary window versus a more traditional style. Both are excellent choices, but you can start discovering your personal style by considering which option suits your home best.

Start with Size

Traditional and contemporary style custom windows can be any size. However, it can feel more contemporary if you are adding a large window, or set of windows, that creates a wall of windows look. While you can pull off large windows in a more traditional design, the wall-sized windows tend to be more contemporary. However, grids can add a traditional flare.

Consider Material

A custom window can go from contemporary to traditional simply by switching the framing material. An oak frame can be more traditional while an all-metal frame can make the same window feel more contemporary.

Experiment with Shape

One of the reasons clients come to Rusco for custom window work is because of the option to add an unexpected but delightful architectural element through a uniquely shaped window. More traditional shapes could include a circle, square or rectangle while contemporary shapes could be a thinner rectangle, octagon, or another multi-sided shape.

Are you ready to start your custom window dreaming so you can enjoy your home throughout the new year? Now is the time to get started. Call the design team at Rusco to explore your options and create a custom piece that is perfect for your home and style.

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