Security Door Upgrades for 2024

Looking for a way to bring added security and safety to your home? The answer could be a security door. Not sure what a security door can offer or what features and upgrades are available? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is a Security Door?

A security door is just what it sounds like – a special door designed to offer better security and safety than a conventional exterior door. They come in many different types and sizes, from single doors ideal for front entrances to double doors that can replace conventional French doors or sliding glass doors on your home. 

Security doors are usually manufactured from heavy-duty materials and can be wood or metal. Some styles include sidelights or other glass elements that allow light into the home while protecting against intruders. For instance, hurricane doors are good examples of security doors popular in certain areas of the US, such as Gulf Coast states.

Modern Upgrades for Security Doors

Security doors offer greatly enhanced safety in and of themselves. However, you can add even more layers of protection with some of the unique upgrades available in 2024. These include the following:

  • Smart Locks – Want to connect your front door with the rest of your smart home? A smart lock could be the answer. These locks are opened with an app on your phone, which adds biometric security to the mechanical security already in place. And with advanced technology, you don’t have to worry about hackers breaking the encryption on the app.
  • Multiple Deadbolts/Locks – If you want to add the utmost security to your entrance door(s), consider using multiple locks. You can install a wide range of options, from multi-bolt models to multiple individual locks located around the perimeter of the door. The point is that thieves must find their way around more than one lock, making it very unlikely that they’ll target your home.
  • Ballistic Protection – Worried about gun violence in your neighborhood? It’s a very real fear these days, but you can protect your home and loved ones with a ballistic door that’s strong enough to withstand gunfire. For even more protection, opt for blast doors capable of withstanding explosions and flying debris.

A Safer Home for All

With the security door upgrades available for 2024, it’s easier than ever to create a safe haven where your family can stay protected from external dangers. Contact Rusco Windows & Doors today to learn more!

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