Stave Off Summer Heat with New Doors and Windows

Does the onset of summer make you worried about dealing with the heat in your home? Don’t sweat it. New doors and windows can help you beat the heat easily. 

Old Doors and Windows: Massive Cooling Loss

Running your AC 24 hours daily is a sure way to increase your electric bill. And if you have old doors and windows, chances are good that your home doesn’t feel particularly comfortable even then. That’s because 38% of your cooling loss happens through your doors and windows. 

Did you know that a 1/8 gap under a door that’s 36 inches wide bleeds as much cool air as a hole in the wall that measures around two-and-a-half inches in width? And that’s just a single door – all your exterior doors carry the same risk. 

Don’t think that your aging windows are any better about retaining cooled air, either. They let cool air out and hot air in thanks to gaps around the frame, but also through inefficient sealing, a lack of protective coatings, and single-pane construction.

How Do New Doors and Windows Help You Beat the Heat?

New windows and doors offer more than just good looks. They’re an important tool to help you keep cool air in the house and hot air out. Here’s how they manage that.

Doors – New doors offer many advancements over the aging ones you have installed in your house. New doors are thicker and seal better when closed thanks to advanced weatherstripping designed to eliminate gaps at the bottom. New doors can also be installed with a wraparound seal that helps close gaps on the sides and top. 

Windows – New windows can help you keep your cool in a few different ways. Installing new windows and frames can close gaps that you might not even realize are there. Double and triple-pane glass is also much more energy efficient than single-pane glass used in older windows. Low-E coatings help prevent UV rays and heat from penetrating the house while allowing in plenty of natural light. Of course, new windows also operate smoothly and seal when closed, further reducing cooling loss.

Choosing Your New Doors and Windows

Ready to keep your home cooler this summer? It’s as simple as working with Rusco Windows and Doors. The right partner will offer a range of door and window options in your budget to improve your home’s energy efficiency and upgrade its looks. 

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