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Rusco Windows and Doors, Inc., is owned and operated by Tom and Sam DiFiglio and has been serving the community since 1937. The business has grown over the years, but the DiFiglio family's policy of personal customer attention and their long-standing reputation for professional, dependable, custom - not assembly-line - service and high-quality, state-of-the-art products remain constant. Rusco invites you to visit their showroom and see full-size product displays. These displays and knowledgeable Rusco personnel will help you take the guesswork out of your selections and give you a realistic view of putting together your dream home.

May’s Job of The Month


When it was time to purchase new windows for her living room and dining room, Raffaella already knew she was going to work with Rusco. “I worked with Rusco a few years ago when I replaced my patio door,” recalls Raffaella. “It was such a wonderful experience, I never even thought about going with anyone else for my windows.”


Her patio door project could have been a tough one. “The space for the patio doors isn’t standard in my home,” remembers Raffaella. Without the ability to simply purchase and install a standard patio door, her project became complicated quickly. Fortunately, the team at Rusco had the experience to offer a solution that provided the door that Raffaella wanted at a reasonable price and easy installation.


Raffaella still remembers that the team at Rusco took their time to precisely install the patio door that transformed her room. She couldn’t wait to have Rusco return to replace windows in her living room and dining room; her experience was just as smooth as before. “I was so happy to work with Paul to select my windows,” says Raffaella. “He knows his stuff and always takes time with me to guide me through the project.”


This time around, Raffaella purchased windows to replace her old and clunky double hung windows. As she was expecting, the installation process went without a hitch. In fact, her window order came in early and her installation was scheduled in just a few days. The windows were meticulously installed within four hours and Raffaella’s home was left looking clean, updated and beautiful.


“I’m never covering these new windows with curtains!” exclaimed Raffaella. We love that Raffaella is so pleased with her investment, and we look forward to working with her again when she replaces her family room windows.


Raffaella is just one of our loyal Rusco customers. She knows that we are experienced, consistent, and customer focused. She also knows that she will always get a beautiful result that matches her budget needs. Give us a call to see what Raffaella and so many other customers already know – Rusco is your only stop for windows, doors, and other home improvement projects.



Dave and Diane Stallter had put off investing in new windows and siding for their home for years. Like most homeowners, they were tentative about spending the money and had heard stories about expensive products and nightmare installations from less than stellar companies. However, the windows and siding were original to their 1960s era home and the Stallters knew it was time to upgrade.

“We did our homework,” says Dave. “We bid out the project to multiple companies, but Rusco came in with the very best product for less money.” But it wasn’t just the financial benefit that drew the Stallters to Rusco. It was Tom, Paul and the rest of the staff.

“Tom and Paul really listened to us,” recalls Diane. “We felt comfortable with them and with their experience. They are knowledgeable guys.” Instinct drew the Stallters to complete the deal with Rusco, ending up with brand new windows and siding for their home.

“Installation was smooth and timely,” remembers Dave. Diane loved that the installing team were respectful and great at their job. “These double hung 1960s windows that we had here were a wild card. We didn’t know if there would be wood damage or if we would be able to make the new windows look seamless with the trim,” says Diane. But Diane’s worries were unwarranted. Under close site supervision, the Rusco team removed the old windows and installed the new windows without a hitch.

“Our windows are beautiful,” gushes Diane. “We can’t stop looking outside and talking about how great they are. Our home is bright now!” New windows and siding have made their home feel new again, and the Stallters know that it was Rusco that made that transformation possible.

“We had such a pleasant experience,” says Diane. “We’ve already referred Rusco to our neighbors and friends.” Welcome to the Rusco family, Stallters; we are so happy that you love your new windows and siding!


When you have an excellent experience with home improvement, you tend to become a repeat customer. That was just the case for Rikka when she first worked with our team at Rusco Doors and Windows. Over the course of four years, Rikka has returned to Rusco for a variety of home improvement needs and has always had an excellent experience. “I refer Rusco to my friends and neighbors without any hesitation,” says Rikka. “They are amazing and I love to work with them.”

Rikka first came to Rusco in search of a new front door. She wanted to update her home, and noticed that the front door was drafty in the wintertime. “It was an old door and it was time for a change,” she recalls. Rusco worked with her to find the perfect front door to match her style and budget, and had it installed quickly and efficiently. “We noticed the difference immediately,” Rikka says. “Not only was it beautiful, but the drafts were gone and there was no more ice buildup on the windows of the door.”

The following year, Rikka and her family was ready to update the back door. They knew that Rusco would be their only choice for that improvement, along with their sliding doors. “The whole team at Rusco goes above and beyond for their customers,” says Rikka. “They are dedicated to giving excellent service and I always felt well taken care of.”

Finally, after a front door, a back door, and sliders, Rikka was ready for exterior siding. “Our home looks updated and beautiful now,” says Rikka. “We couldn’t have done any of this so confidently without the Rusco team. They are attentive and never settle for anything less than the highest quality and standards.”

We love that Rikka had the chance to experience the Rusco difference. She was so pleased with us that we have since worked with her neighbor to install a new front door there as well. Once you work with Rusco, you will never work with anyone else. Give us a call today to start your Rusco experience!

Customer Testimonial

One of the reasons we have been able to serve the Chicagoland area for 80 years is because of our excellent service. This service and workmanship often translates into customer-to-customer referrals, making Rusco the choice for home improvement projects in neighborhoods and families around the suburbs. When it came to time for Mr. and Mrs. Thomas of Brookfield to invest in improvements for their home, they turned to their family for referrals.

“My daughter used Rusco to make some improvements to her condo years ago,” recalled Mr. Thomas. “I was there to watch the installation and between the smooth install and the beautiful sliders they did for her, I knew that we wanted to go with Rusco as well.” The team at Rusco was delighted to work with the Thomas family on their major home project.

“Our home is more than 50 years old, so some replacements were certainly necessary,” said Mr. Thomas. The Thomas home was in need of new windows, sliding doors, and a storm door to replace the old versions that were drafty and no longer energy efficient.

Tom and the team at Rusco worked closely with the Thomas family to choose windows and doors that matched their style, needs, and preferences. In one room of  the home, Mr. Thomas knew they wanted the new window trim to match the existing wood trim in the home. Tom came out to the home with samples so they could choose the trim to match perfectly.

When it was time for installation, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas were surprised at how smoothly it went. “They had all 17 windows and the sliders installed in about a day and a half,” exclaimed Mr. Thomas. “It was so fast! And they did great work.” Mr. Thomas appreciated the efficiency of the installation team, as well as noting how friendly and clean they were as well.

Now, with their new window and door upgrades, the Thomas family couldn’t be happier with their decision to go with Rusco. The personalized attention they received during the design process, as well as the smooth installation, has made them very happy Rusco customers. Even better, they love their new windows and doors. They already notice the difference in their heating bills, and love how much quieter it now is inside their home. “They are just beautiful windows and doors,” gushes Mr. Thomas. “We are so pleased with Tom and the rest of the Rusco team.”

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