Vinyl Siding Replacement Services

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Vinyl House Siding Benefits

At Rusco Windows and Doors, we offer a wide range of vinyl siding options to choose from and will work with you to install them on your home. Vinyl siding is a popular choice for home exterior walls due to its numerous benefits. Vinyl siding is an attractive, low-manitenance and cost effective option for your home’s siding.

Vinyl Siding is Durable

Our durable, weather-resistant vinyl won’t warp, split, rot or dent. So, forget about costly repairs. We opt for top-tier vinyl siding options from brands like Royal Building Products. These brands are renowned for their resilience against harsh weather conditions, including snow and high winds. Vinyl siding is also resistant to pests like termites and carpenter ants, which could cause significant damage over time. Plus, vinyl siding is fade resistant with great color retention, saving you time, effort, and money on repainting it.

Low Maintenance Siding

One of the most significant advantages of vinyl siding is its minimal maintenance requirements. Because its color goes clear through the panel, vinyl siding doesn’t need painting, staining, sanding, or sealing. Regular cleaning with your garden hose and mild detergent is usually sufficient to keep it looking fresh.

Vinyl Siding is a Cost Effective Option

Vinyl siding is often more affordable than other siding materials like wood or brick. Its low maintenance requirements also translate to cost savings over time, as you won’t need to invest in repainting or repairs. Many vinyl siding options are also more insluating which can encance the home’s energy efficiency, leading to lower heating and cooling costs.

Vinyl Siding Will Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Vinyl siding offers a wide spectrum of colors and styles, so you can choose the exterior that fits your home and preferences. The consistency and uniformity of vinyl siding maintain a polished look, free from the natural inconsistencies and maintenance required by materials like wood. Vinyl has texture options that can replicate the aesthetics of wood, cedar shake, or stone, providing an upscale facade without the associated upkeep challenges. With crisp lines, durability, and resistance to fading, vinyl siding keeps your home looking well-maintained for years.


New Siding Process with Rusco

Selecting the perfect vinyl siding can be a daunting task with numerous choices, but rest assured, our seasoned team at Rusco has been helping Chicagoland homeowners with siding for decades. Our team is here to guide you through the entire process, from design to installation.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with only the most reputable vinyl siding brands, assuring you the highest quality materials. Once you’ve made your selection, our efficient installation team will promptly transform your vision into reality. We are proud to offer installation in a timely fashion and with staff who is just as friendly as they are professional.

Ready to revamp your home’s curb appeal with vinyl siding? Take the first step by visiting our showroom or contacting us today. You’ll soon adore your new vinyl siding and be delighted that you chose Rusco to bring your vision to life!

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Choose the Best Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Royal Haven® Insulated red siding on house

Royal Haven®

Royal Haven® Insulated Siding wraps your home in warmth while giving your inner designer a boost of confidence. So as it’s being energy efficient, low maintenance and durable, it’s also attracting curb appeal attention with authentic-looking, eye-catching woodgrain.

House with Royal® Woodland Vinyl Siding

Royal® Woodland

Royal® Woodland Siding embraces every home style with as much ease as it withstands weather and mocks maintenance. Plus, it comes in a widely varied palette of curb-appealing, UV-resistant shades to match any architectural mood, from cool to warm to deeply bold.

House with Royal® Residential Vinyl Siding

Royal® Residential

Royal® Residential Siding makes a real statement, and it’s this: your home exterior can carry none of the maintenance worries that come with wood and still be the talk of your part of town. Low-gloss cedar woodgrain, no painting, warping or sagging and the ability to resist harsh weather have everything to do with that.

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Fiber Cement

Fiber Cement



Siding Brands Offered by Rusco

Royal® Building Product for vinyl siding
James Hardie™ company logo for vinyl siding
LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® for trim and vinyl siding