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Is your outdoor backyard space unused by your family? Perhaps you don’t entertain friends because your current deck is unsafe or just plain ugly. Even worse, maybe you don’t trust walking on your deck barefoot for fear of a splinter. Your backyard outdoor space should be a haven for your family and friends, not an unsafe eyesore that takes too much maintenance or attention.

At Rusco Windows and Doors, we specialize in designing and installing outdoor deck spaces that will make beso inviting to your neigbors and will make you wonder why you didn’t invest in the space earlier. With our deck options, you will want to eat family dinners outside and host friends for as long as the weather allows.

Wooden decks are no longer the industry standard, and for good reason. The maintenance alone on wooden decks is enough to make any homeowner cranky, and splinters are never any fun. At Rusco Windows and Doors, we work with both vinyl and composite decking materials that make owning a deck more about enjoying it than upkeeping it.

Our vinyl and composite decks give you a slip resistant finish that is smooth enough for bare feet. Because this heavy duty material is heat resistant, there’s no more running on tip toes to avoid scorching hot surfaces. Maintenance is barely needed so that you can spend time enjoying your backyard. Finally, our decks are simply pretty; you have the option of multiple colors that can nicely accent your home’s current style and color palette.

If a deck isn’t quite what you are looking for, but you are still seeking a unique and durable patio surface, consider calling us to talk about our unique Azek pavers. Made with recycled materials and coming in a variety of shapes and colors, you can create a mosaic design that gives you an outdoor space to be proud of.

Your outdoor space is ready for an upgrade; invest in a space that you will use for memories and events to come.


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Stop imagining! It’s here. Rusco’s alternative vinyl and composite decking surfaces eliminates the time and cost of annual maintenance. You can use that time and money on things you actually enjoy!

Vintage Collection

Truly the best of the best in decking, these capped polymer boards feature sophisticated, natural-looking colors with a subtle wire-brushed, low-gloss finish for an authentic wood look. Boasting the most powerful core and cap technology in the industry, this “Designer Series” of decking makes it easy to transform your outdoor living space into a masterpiece.

Arbor Collection

Transform your outdoor living space with gorgeous, warm wood tones and vibrant, blended colors. Boasting either cathedral or straight wood grain patterns, these colors resemble highly sought-after rich woods found in nature.

Harvest Collection

Enhance your beautiful backyard by tying traditional, cathedral wood grain patterns and a soft, solid color palette into your outdoor living space. Plus, these boards complement a wide range of homes’ exteriors.


Combining recycled materials with cutting edge technology, Azek Pavers are raising the bar on what’s under your feet-and that’s a good thing! Perfectly described as beautiful elegance with a green thumb, Azek Pavers clearly outperform traditional pavers.

Standard Pavers

Forget concrete and clay pavers, composite pavers maintain the physical strength, durability, and natural beauty of traditional pavers.

Permeable Pavers

Never worry about a downpour again — our Permeable Pavers are specially engineered to drastically reduce runoff, while offering superior resistance to harsh weather, mold, mildew and moisture damage.


Resurfacing Pavers

High-performance composite pavers designed for easy installation over existing concrete surfaces. An affordable and stylish way to transform rundown patios, walkways, and decks.

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