Considerations When Choosing a Front Door

A new front door can make a big difference in your home’s curb appeal and resale value. It can also add a pop of color or make a style statement before guests even enter your home. If you are ready to invest in a new front door, here are a few things to consider in order to make your best decision.

Custom or Standard?

Standard doors come in certain sizes, which means you may not be able to find one for your current home. That’s okay! Custom front doors are surprisingly affordable and you can create the size and style you want. While custom orders can take a few weeks longer to be delivered and installed, the wait is often well worth it. After all, you get a door that looks amazing and is a true reflection of your style.

What Material Is Best?

Front doors come in a variety of materials, each one with its own benefits and potential drawbacks. Wood, steel, and fiberglass tend to be the most popular choice among Rusco clients, You can learn more about your material options and what to expect from each choice by talking to your design consultant.

Which Color Should I Choose?

Front doors come in multiple colors nowadays, and while some homeowners tend to stick with classic whites, grays, or blacks, many are going with bolder colors that complement their siding or style preferences. In any case, you can choose a color that you will love for years to come.

What About Hardware?

Your front door choices don’t stop at material and color. You can also choose the hardware, like door handles and hinges, that best match and accessorize your home’s exterior. If you aren’t sure what hardware may look the best, talk to your Rusco expert to get some guidance. We have decades of experience and can help you make the best decision.

Who Will Install It?

Finally, consider installation. You want to work with a professional that already has a team of expert installers ready to go for your project. Don’t settle for trying to piece together an installation team on your own.

Your new front door will make your home look great, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t choose to do it sooner. Get started today by calling the team at Rusco.

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