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Steel vs. Fiberglass Doors

Your front door can make a big impact. It greets guests and demonstrates your personal style before anyone even steps a foot into your entryway. Your front door also helps to complement your exterior home décor and can even increase your curb appeal. Besides looking beautiful, your front door also plays a part in keeping your home’s interior temperature consistent. When it comes time to replace your front door, you want to be sure you make the best decision for design and for energy efficiency.

Front doors come in a variety of materials. Homeowners can become overwhelmed when choosing the best option for their house. Fortunately, working with the experienced team at Rusco can make your decision easier and your end product even better than you hoped. For many homeowners we work with, they struggle to decide between front doors made from fiberglass and from steel. Here is what you need to know about this important choice.

Fiberglass Doors
Homeowners looking for a durable door that looks like wood, but requires much less maintenance, typically decide that fiberglass is their best choice. Fiberglass doors are sturdy and are designed to look and feel like real wood. However, unlike their real wooden counterparts, fiberglass doors are five times more energy efficient and seal up the house better than wood doors.

Customize your fiberglass door by choosing the color and by adding tempered safety glass to the door. This will increase the decorative element of your door, as well as give the inside of your home more natural light. If you are still searching for more sunlight, you can add fixed windows along the side of the door for a beautiful touch.

Steel Doors
Steel doors were made to succeed here in the drastic weather conditions of Chicagoland. These doors can withstand frigid winds and don’t bring heat inside when the summer sun is beating down. We love the durability and reliability of steel doors and have confidently installed these versions in houses throughout the area.

Steel doors are energy efficient and sturdy but can also be quite beautiful. Homeowners love that their door can be painted a bold color to enhance their exterior design, and that they can be customized to include glass for more natural light.

Stop by our showroom to see examples of both steel and fiberglass doors. While you are there, talk to one of our consultants about your home and what you are searching for. We would love to guide you through the process including an efficient installation. Give us a call today!

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