Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Custom Windows

You can give the exterior of your home a quick facelift that makes a big difference by purchasing custom windows. Whether you are investing in new windows for your entire home, one custom window to make a style statement, or oversized and dramatic windows for the back of your home, you want to be sure you are asking the right questions before making your down payment.

The team at Rusco has been working with homeowners throughout Chicagoland for more than eight decades. During that time, we have installed countless custom windows for clients looking to make a major improvement to their home. Here are a few questions we think you should always ask before making your purchase.

How long have you been in business?

You don’t want to order custom windows from a business that has only been around for a few years, or one that may not be around in the next five. Longevity is important to homeowners, especially if you have any problems or questions with the windows a few years after installation.

Do you have a variety of options to look at?
You may not be sure what you want your new windows to look like, and that is okay. You should be able to rely on the experts to guide you through the process. Part of that guidance includes giving you options for materials, colors, and styles of windows that fit your budget.

Can you give me a custom window in my targeted budget?

A custom window is an investment, and you should be able to get a straight answer when it comes to an estimate of the cost. While even our years of experience can’t give us a perfect estimate, we aim to get as close as possible so that there are no surprises after installation.

How long will it take for my windows to be made and installed?

Custom orders typically take longer to make because they are being made to your individual preferences and measurements. While your provider may not be able to tell you the exact schedule, you should feel confident they will keep you updated in regards to a timeline and schedule.

Will you install my windows?
Not all custom window providers also offer expert installation. Be sure you are choosing to work with someone that will be with you through the entire process, design to installation to follow up.

If you are ready to begin looking for custom windows that you will love, call our team at Rusco. We would be happy to answer your questions and get you the windows you’ve always wanted.

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