Steel Window Frames are Timeless

History tends to repeat itself. Old trends that died out decades ago have a way of making a resurgence.19th and 20th Century industrial factories and warehouses were known for their steel framed windows that would stretch from floor to ceiling. Many homes that are attempting a modernized look are bringing back this industrial influence. Pella, Marvin and Polaris all offer great options when it comes to modernized windows.

Steel framed windows seemed to die out during the 1960’s due to energy inefficiency. These windows typically consisted of one pane of glass loosely sealed by a steel frame. This allowed cold weather to come and go as it pleased. But as the years went on window technology advanced and steel frames started to make a comeback.

Homes with great views such as Fallingwater naturally try to access the environment around them. One of the best ways to do this is with window walls. Steel frames on a window wall help create picturesque views of the outside world. They’ve also been adopted by many office buildings who wish to translate “transparency”.
Steel window frames fall into the mindset of “less is more”. They have a minimal design and use minimal materials. Their hard straight lines and geometric grids are tell tale signs of modernity. If you’re looking to modernize your windows or want to do an installation with less materials consider Rusco to help you find the perfect windows.

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