Why Windows Are Critical Elements in Home Design

Imagine your bedroom without any windows. Or worse yet, an entire house without windows. You wouldn’t have any sunlight, ventilation, or emergency exits, and the space would feel void. When designing your home, windows are a critical part of the process. Understanding this makes designing the house a little easier. 


Windows provide a natural light source. Artificial lighting is necessary, but natural light adds warmth to your home that a light bulb can’t. Having more than one window and ensuring they are placed where the sun reaches the room creates an open, airy space. 

The placement of the windows for lighting is also important. If you have a home office, a window beside your desk might look pretty but be a nuisance to seeing your computer screen. Glaring sunlight can make it hard to see the screen. Take each room’s intended use into consideration when designing your window placement. 

When choosing windows for lighting, the size of the window is important. For living areas, bigger windows give a more open feel. Smaller, more private areas, like bathrooms, are suitable for smaller windows that lend to privacy. 

Energy Efficiency

Windows that face the sun do more than provide light; they also increase energy efficiency in the winter months by allowing warm sunlight in the house. This helps to lower heating bills. The placement of windows is important in maximizing the sun. 

On the other hand, during the summer months, placement in direct sunlight can lead to higher utility bills. This can be offset using blinds or curtains to keep the sun out.   


Windows are a safety aspect as well. Bedrooms, living areas, and other rooms should always have an exit other than just the door. If a fire or other disaster requires you to leave the house and you can’t access the door, you can open or break the window to exit. 


Windows are more than just functional; they add to your home’s beauty. You wouldn’t want to buy a house that had no windows. It would be little more than a dark box. When designing your house and choosing windows, you should choose the style that matches your home’s style. There are tall, bay, short, and many other styles.

Give us a call today to go over your windows. We can help you choose windows for a new build or replacement windows for your home project. We have experts that can help you make the best choice for your home.

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