Why Remodeling is the Best Investment

Remodeling and renovations can be a large expense. Learning how to budget remodeling is difficult, and before spending a large sum of money, it’s good to know if the investment is truly worth it. Do the ends justify the means? Will the average cost of a kitchen remodel increase the value of your home when one day you want to sell? It’s a tough decision to make, and with a constantly changing economy, it’s a tough market to keep track of. That’s why we here at Rusco have a created a list of three of today’s best remodeling investments.

The Best Investment

  1. Replacing Siding. A small part of your home that makes a huge difference, siding is your homes protective layer and everyone’s first impression. And while the average cost of replacing your old siding with new upscale fiber cement siding is around $10, 000, the average payback is 78%!
  2. Attic Remodel. It may not be necessary to install a bathroom or shower, but finishing an attic is a small improvement that makes a world of difference. With the amount of college graduates moving back in with their parents and homeowners doubling up, people are looking for extra space. Finishing the walls and ceiling, adding a few windows and extending the heating and air conditioning to an attic is a project that can cost on average around $40,000 to $50,000 and will leave you with a payback of 72.5%!
  3. Garage Doors. Another project for the exterior of your home, garage doors help pull together that perfect first impression feel. Costing an average of about $2,000, installing new quality garage doors offers a payback of around 71.1%!

A home remodel is an expensive thing, which is why when it comes down to renovating you want to get the most for your money. And when you finally decide which home remodel is the best fit for you, call someone you can trust.

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