Choosing Your French Doors

Many homeowners are looking for a way to access the outdoors without adding a bulky steel or fiberglass door. If you are searching for a door that will provide you the airiness and atmosphere of a window, consider investing in French doors. These classic doors work well in modern homes as well as in more traditional styles, and you can customize them to make them the ideal fit for your house.

What are French doors?
Traditionally, French doors are known as two matching doors that share one frame. These doors feature large panes of glass, making it feel more like an overstated window pair. French doors open on a hinge, like a traditional door and are a lovely statement piece for any room.

What about a slider door?
Patio sliding doors are the more common choice but can offer an obstructed view when one side is opened. French doors add a bit of design intrigue and give the same access to the outside without obstruction.

What are my options?
At Rusco, our design consultants love working with homeowners who are pursuing the French door option. These doors are full of possibility and can be customized to the space, design, and measurements for each individual home.

You can choose the layout of the two doors, including which sides will hinge to open. French doors traditionally are accentuated by a grid pattern over the glass, but you can choose to have the windows without the grid as well. Further, you can make your French doors the centerpiece of your room by adding a custom round top window above the doors or small casement windows for the sides. Your imagination is the limit, as our consultants work diligently to see how we can make your dreams come true.

Where can I put my new French doors?
French doors are a lovely addition to almost any room in your home. Consider adding a pair to your kitchen or living room, giving you easy access to the outside of your home. Or, add a pair in lieu of a traditional door to gain entry into your home office or master closet.

Does the idea of French doors intrigue you? Wondering if these doors would work in your home? Stop by our showroom or give us a call to set up a consultation today. We will work with you from design to installation, assuring you have only the best experience.

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