Small, Cost-Efficient Changes That Pay Huge Dividends in Windows

Living in an older home can come with design challenges and other issues. The house itself can be drafty. Heating and cooling can be difficult to accomplish. If your windows are original to the house, you could be losing air around them without realizing it.

Your windows are the welcoming aspect of your entire home. They bring natural light into the space. The challenge is keeping the character of your home while making your windows more cost-efficient.

Replace Your Single-Pane Windows

Most older homes have outdated, single-pane, sash windows. Occasionally, you will find a double-hung sash in an older home. A double-hung sash means the window will open in two directions. You can raise the lower portion or lower the upper part.

You might consider replacing the single-pane windows you have with a more energy-efficient double-pane model. Older single-pane windows can be thin. The glass will feel cold or moist.

An insulated window helps with heat retention in the winter and cool air retention in the summer. Using a double- or even triple-glazed window can help with the insulation factor of the glass itself. This one small change can save you tremendously in heating and cooling costs.

Restore Your Windows

Sometimes, changing the windows is not feasible. Budgetary constraints can be an issue. Perhaps you don’t want to change the façade of your house by installing new windows. Whatever the case, there are options for restoration as well as options for replacement.


Older homes are notorious for having old, flaky, or moldy caulk around windows. The caulk seals the gaps around the sill and frame. Replacing the caulk can save you the cost of replacing your windows right now.

Maintain Your Frames

Most older homes have wooden window frames. While these frames are in keeping with the historical aesthetic of the house, they allow for moisture damage and air leakage if they aren’t properly maintained. Checking for gaps in the wood, filling them, and correctly repainting the windows will help with this issue.


Your windows are the welcoming connection between the interior of your home and the outside world. When they are old and inefficient, you risk excessive energy costs. There are ways to avoid the added costs.

Restoring or replacing your windows will help you keep your energy costs down. Regardless of your choice, proper window maintenance is a must. The professionals at Rusco will be happy to answer any questions you may have about making your windows more cost-efficient.

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