Signs of Door Frame Damage

When you look around your home, you may be able to quickly spot signs of wear and tear. Scratches on the wall or baseboards, a crack in the drywall, or even a squeaky step. While these imperfections can make homeowners crazy, they are not detrimental to the health of the home. However, when your door frames begin to get older, you can notice serious consequences.

Consequences of Door Frame Damage

Your door frame can experience damage that will affect your home in many ways. For example, damage to your door frame could make your home less energy-efficient, meaning your energy bills could increase. A damaged door frame could also lead to a poor seal or could require too much slamming or adjusting when guests close or open the door. In any case, damaged door frames can be annoying and costly.

Types of Door Frame Damage

Your door frame could become damaged due to normal wear and tear, or due to a one-time event. Here are common types of door frame damage you may experience while owning your home:

  • Cracks in the frame itself.
  • The frame separating at the points of connection in the corners.
  • Shifting that causes your door to not close correctly.
  • Door jamb damage that can make your door stick when closing or opening.
  • Damaged seal that can cause drafts or leaks.

Fixing Your Damaged Door Frame

Most exterior doors will need expert attention if the door frame is damaged. Unfortunately, this is not a job for even the most experienced weekend do-it-yourselfers. Instead, your door will likely need to be repaired or replaced, including the frame and jamb.

You can use this opportunity to get the custom door you have been eyeing online, and if you work with the experts at Rusco, we can also offer hassle-free installation so you can begin enjoying your new door in no time. Call our team today to get started!

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