Install Replacement Windows Now to Save on Winter Heating Costs

With winter right around the corner, there has never been a better time to invest in replacement windows. With new windows in your home, you can look forward to using less energy to heat the structure during the winter. But how do windows affect your heating costs? Let’s look at a few ways that they can help.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is the term given to the process in which heat is transferred from inside your home to the outside through the panes of glass in your windows. This is particularly problematic with single-pane windows, but even double-paned windows can suffer from it in very cold climates. To beat heat transfer, you’ll need to opt for double or triple-paned windows (depending on where you live and the average low temperature during the winter). 

Reduced Air Transfer

Double and triple-paned windows use multiple panes of glass with small gaps between them to reduce heat transfer. However, the air within those gaps can still encourage heat loss. If you want to reduce your winter heating costs, you’ll need to consider replacement windows that use an inert gas like argon between the individual glass panes. They’re denser than air and reduce the amount of heat that can be transferred from inside your home to the outdoors.

Reduced Drafts

Replacement windows do more than just add new glass. They come with brand-new frames, which can address a hidden loss of heat in your home. It’s common for gaps to develop between the window frame and the house. These gaps allow air into and out of the home. If you’ve ever noticed a draft near a window in your home when it was closed, chances are good that you have gaps around the frames. When replacement windows are installed, these gaps should be filled in, reducing drafts, and helping to keep heat where you want it – inside your home.

Reduced Heater Use

With better insulation and fewer drafts, your home’s interior temperature will remain much more stable. That means you’ll need to use your heat less, which cuts down on energy use. Whether you have a central HVAC system, a boiler, baseboard heaters, or some other system in place, that’s good news for your bank account. 

As you can see, with the right replacement windows, you can stay comfortable all winter long while reducing your heating costs at the same time. Contact Rusco Windows and Doors today!

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