New Technology in Replacement Windows

It wasn’t so long ago that replacement window shopping was as simple as choosing a durable frame and decent glass. Things have changed and there are multiple factors to consider today for replacement windows. The material of the frame, how efficient the glass is, and which glazing treatment you prefer are all important to consider.

Some technologies are still being refined to expect in future years. Read on to learn more about what you can expect.

Bird-Friendly Windows

Since glass windows are transparent and have a reflective quality, it’s not uncommon for a bird to fly into them. They don’t recognize they are a barrier, which can lead to injury or even death for the bird. Due to this issue, some windows come with glass made specifically to alleviate this issue.

This glass is made using a special UV reflective coating that birds can easily see to avoid disaster. However, the windows still look great and the coating is barely noticeable to human eyes.

Thermochromic Windows

Thermochromic windows are smart windows with high energy efficiency all without the use of electricity. This technology is installed as a filter in between double-pane windows and includes a Low-E coating. The windows have tinting filter sensors that dim the color based on how hot it is to avoid glare, heat, and UV light damage.

These windows are designed to create a comfortable home in any season. When it’s cold outside, the windows stay clear to let in warmth and light to keep things at a nice temperature.

Solar Harvesting Windows

Using solar panels to harness energy has become common. These are most common through panels on the top of homes and buildings. However, this same technology could be coming to windows in the future. Scientists at Michigan State University are working to make this a reality.

This technology is being made for use on clear windows. Organic molecules are used to pull in wavelengths from sunlight. Progress is ongoing but the idea is to add a new way to gather solar power without being noticeable. It could be a huge opportunity for homes with floor-to-ceiling windows.

When you’re looking for replacement windows, make sure you have all the information. Consider some of the new technology discussed above when you want windows that go above and beyond. They’ll last for years and offer other benefits that older windows simply couldn’t.

Rusco Windows & Doors can help you find the right new technology for your windows. There’s much to choose from, so be sure to view the showroom before making your choice!

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