The Latest Design Trends in Patio Doors

Patio doors have been used in homes for many decades, but the styles and features that are in demand change regularly. If you’re in the market for a new patio door, choosing a trendy one could make your home look better than ever. Knowing what’s available will ensure you choose the right door to complement your home.

Sliding Glass Doors

One of the most popular doors today is the sliding glass patio door. They let in lots of light, provide a classic style, and are simple to use. Rather than opening outward or inward, the door is hinged and opens from one side to the other. This makes it an excellent choice for small backyards and homes when conserving space is important.

French Patio Doors

For a traditional look with a modern feel, consider French patio doors. These are made in many designs and can truly elevate an entrance. Choose from narrow or wide glass panels and make the door a single or a double. Match the windows to ensure everything fits together well for an excellent aesthetic.

Folding Glass Doors

Sometimes called bi-fold doors, folding glass patio doors are similar to sliding glass doors. The difference is that there is no spot for the doors to slip into when opened. Instead, they fold in the shape of an accordion. This can offer a great look of multiple big windows when opened. These look great with modern homes and make the space feel larger.

Unique Handles

Another way to create a trendy patio door is by considering the hardware. The standard option is a U-shaped handle where both the top and bottom attach to the door. However, there are a variety of other handles that can be used in several sizes and shapes. Hardware is available in many colors and finishes, like silver, brass, black, and white.

Attractive Colors

One of the newest trends is selecting a patio door in a color that matches the home. Patio doors come in a huge number of colors and designs so you can choose what works with your style. Go with white, black, cream, or something that’s brighter and more vibrant.

If you’re looking to upgrade your patio doors for something a bit trendier, make sure to work with Rusco Windows & Doors. We have been doing windows and doors for the last 85 years to ensure the best results. It’ll ensure you enjoy the view every time you look outside from the patio door.

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