Low-E Glass and Other Window Eco-Features

Today, many people are looking to upgrade the various components of their homes to be more eco-friendly. The simple task of upgrading to replacement windows in the first place is going to boost the energy efficiency of your home, but there’s even more that you can do with the features available today. One of the most popular topics of discussion is Low-E glass, but that’s not the only eco-feature to consider.

What is Low-E Glass?

Low-E stands for low emissivity, which means that the glass doesn’t emit heat like old windows might have. A Low-E coating is applied to windows in invisibly thin layers, allowing the natural light to remain the same. However, it deflects UV rays and infrared light, allowing the rooms in your home to stay more temperate. It also reduces the fading of upholstery and furniture and other harmful effects of UV rays coming into your home.

Low-E coatings reduce heat loss, offer cost savings, and protect your flooring, furniture, and upholstery. They are invisible and durable—since the coating is applied to the inside of the glass it cannot be scratched or damaged. It’s a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home and find several other benefits at the same time.

Other Eco-Friendly Features

Replacement windows also have other eco-friendly features, including higher-quality materials used for construction, which creates windows that are more durable and require less maintenance. Windows today are made from sustainable materials that are designed o reduce energy usage and save on costs at the same time.

Vinyl, for example, is a great material that won’t break down over time due to sunlight and UV damage, and it features cavities where you can fill insulation to create a full seal around the window.

Windows can be installed with two or more panes that are sealed with window glazing, offering premium insulation along with the Low-E coatings that you choose. This will give you the most eco-friendly benefits for your money when installing new windows.

If your windows are more than 10 years old, even the most basic replacement windows will improve your energy efficiency and offer several eco-friendly benefits when compared to the old ones. If you want to know specifically how to get the most eco-features for your money, reach out and connect with Rusco Windows and Doors today.

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