What are Double-Hung Windows?

Windows come in several different styles. The most common choice for most residential installations is the double-hung window. It offers convenience, security, and total comfort. Plus, double-hung windows are easier to clean and will insulate your home from the elements better than other styles.

Single-hung windows operate with a single-opening window. Usually, the top is a fixed window, while the lower window can slide up and down to allow for ventilation. These can be affixed with screens and storm windows, as needed, but their biggest factor is the single moving sash.

Double-hung windows have two operable windows that run on separate tracks. That means that both the upper and lower (or left and right for vertical windows) panes will move. These windows are also great for cleaning because they include a special clip that releases the window from the track on one end, allowing you to clean the inside and outside at once.

These windows are also great for two-story homes because using the top sash can be effective to improve ventilation and helping with air circulation. You can choose whether you want them in wood, vinyl, or fiberglass, and you can pick a selection of glass features, including Low-E coatings and more.

Single-hung windows are generally cheaper than double-hung, but they’re not quite as popular. Most people are willing to pay the nominal upgrade to get windows that they can open on both sides. These windows come in all sizes and styles, too, so they can be made to fit any home and any design need. single-hung windows are slightly more efficient with fewer moving parts, but premium double-hung windows can rival them in several ways.

How to Choose

When you’re ready to replace the windows in your home, you’ll have to decide which type you want. Although double-hung windows cost more, they offer more perks and convenience and have become the more popular option for standard installation. Consider your budget, how you need or want your windows to function, and other details that will help you narrow down your decision.

The other thing that you can do is talk to Rusco Windows and Doors about the differences between single- and double-hung windows. They will explain the pros and cons of each, advise on what’s best for your specific home and circumstances, and give you the peace of mind that you’re getting the best windows, no matter what you choose.

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