Keeping Energy Costs Down This Winter

Even with a few unseasonably warm days over the past few months, this Chicagoland winter has been typical on the whole. An especially brutal cold snap during the first few weeks of the new year has left many homeowners with expensive energy bills.

Even the most expensive energy bills can be tamed with a few changes to your home, and to your habits. Here are a few ways to keep your energy costs low this winter.

Turn down the thermostat
Turning your thermostat down a few degrees can make a major difference in your next energy bill. Throw on a sweatshirt and keep the temperature set to 68-70 degrees.

Time your heating appropriately
While you are at the thermostat, see if yours has the capability to adjust the heat while your family is out of the home. Some devices even allow you to control the temperature from an app on your phone. Try lowering the temperature in your house when no one is there, such as during the school/work day.

Check your seals
Be sure that you are not letting heat escape from your home by double checking the seals around your doors and windows. Old seals are often the culprit for drafts of cold air getting inside your home as well.

Invest in new windows or doors
In addition to poor seals, old windows and doors can do a poor job in keeping heat inside your home. If your windows or doors have not been replaced in 7-10 years, you are not receiving the benefit of energy saving technology that is available to homeowners today. New windows and doors can make an amazing difference in your heating and cooling bills; many of our customers notice the difference within just a few months!

Are you ready to invest in new windows or doors for your home? Not only can a new design boost your curb appeal, the renovation can leave your home warmer this winter season. Give us a call to set up a consultation or swing by our showroom to see your options.

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