Boost Curb Appeal by Spring Cleaning Your Entryway

A few warmer temperatures, longer days, and more sunshine are reminding us all that springtime is well on its way here in Chicagoland. If you are like most homeowners, you are starting to plan your spring cleaning projects to shake off the dust and drabness of winter. Homeowners who are hoping to sell their house this season are also looking for quick ways to make a big impact on their home’s curb appeal.

If you are selling, or if you are just wanting to bring a spring look to your home, you can start with your exterior entryway. Welcome guests and passersby with a pop of color and a vibrant look with a few of our tips.

Sweep it up
Start by getting your front door space clean and clear of debris that has collected over the winter. Sweep up dirt on the ground, including under your welcome mat, and wipe down exterior lights and your front door. These steps will make a big difference in making your home look welcoming.

Start with a welcome mat
Your welcome mat is likely looking worse for the wear after winter. The one you had for winter has done it’s job well, but it is time to treat your front door area to a new one. Look for a color that complements your home’s exterior as well as for a fun saying that makes guests feel happy before they even step inside.

Try a new door
While you certainly can give your current door a facelift with a fresh coat of paint, your curb appeal will skyrocket with the addition of a new front door. You can check out multiple options, as well as discuss custom measurements, in our showroom with our experienced design consultants. Don’t have the budget for a new front door? Try a new storm door instead; it can add to your home’s value as well.

Add colorful flowers
Finally, add pops of complementing color to your front entry by adding colorful flowers planted in lovely pots. Place plants on various heights to add interest, and be sure to keep them looking healthy.

Here’s to spring and to spruced up front entries throughout the suburbs!

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