How to Care for Sliding Windows and Doors

Your home’s windows and doors are important features. They allow light and air into your home. They also add to its appearance. However, all windows and doors require a little bit of TLC to ensure that they work properly and last as long as possible. If you have sliding windows and doors, here’s what you’ll need to do to care for them.

Regular Cleaning Is the Key

We recommend that you clean your sliding windows and doors regularly. Note that the frequency will depend on a few factors, including the amount of traffic in your home and geographic conditions, like pollen and dust. 

  • Use a mild glass cleaner on the door and window glass. We do not recommend using paper towels. Instead, use a squeegee or old newspaper. Make sure not to wash the glass in direct sunlight if at all possible.
  • Vacuum the sill and track before washing them. This helps remove loose soil and grime and prevents it from clogging the track.
  • Wash the frame, sash, and grilles using mild soap and water.
  • Clean weep holes (holes in the frame that allow moisture to evaporate) with a small bottle brush.
  • Sliding door tracks should be cleaned regularly. A brush can help, but severe grime, dirt, or pet hair build-up may require taking the door off the track to get at the rollers.
  • Always wipe the tracks clean. We recommend using a soft, lint-free towel (terrycloth works well).
  • Once or twice a year, lubricate the rollers and tracks on both sliding windows and doors. We recommend using a light, silicone-based lubricant rather than an oil-based product.
  • Check the rollers for signs of wear. Replace them when necessary. Note that some rollers may never need to be replaced, but those in high-traffic areas will need to be replaced several times over the door’s lifetime.
  • Never use a pressure washer to clean your window or sliding door glass or frames. This can damage them and lead to premature replacement.
  • Inspect window and door frames for signs of damage, particularly around the seals and weatherstripping. If you spot damage, make sure to handle repairs or replacements as quickly as possible.

With the right care and maintenance, you can ensure that your sliding doors and windows will last for years to come. You’ll also be in a good position to notice when it’s time to replace them and avoid high utility bills due to energy loss. Contact Rusco Windows and Doors to learn more today!

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