The Benefits of a New Sliding Patio Door

You love enjoying time on your patio in the summer months. A quiet cup of coffee in the morning, hosting a family dinner on a mild evening lit by the stars and your garden lights, or even birdwatching from the comfort of your patio all make your outdoor space feel like an extra room in your house. But is there something about the transition from inside to outside that seems to be lacking? Is your existing patio door wearing out its welcome in your home?

If your patio door is due for an upgrade, Rusco Windows & Doors can help you find the right fit. There are numerous benefits to choosing a new sliding patio door for your home.

Energy Efficiency

If you like the look of French doors but need more performance in the thermoregulation department, energy-efficient glass is a must-have for your new patio door. You can customize your sliding door with French-style panels for timeless elegance. Certain door models, such as that of the Pella® Lifestyle Series, are available in triple-pane glass for even more thorough retention of warm or cool air within your house. You will save money on your energy bill going forward by adding one of these options to your home.

Save on Space

With their side-to-side sliding mechanisms, sliding patio doors are a great space-saving option. You can place furniture and décor inside or outside the door without having to worry about your items being displaced like you would with a traditional French door. If you have room to exit and enter with ease and nothing is covering the door’s sliding tracks, you can certainly style your space as you like and maintain a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.

Add Value to Your Home

The modern designs of sliding patio doors are sleek and visually appealing to most buyers, especially when using carefully chosen finishes from Rusco’s wide selection of options and sharp-looking hardware to add to the look and feel of your living spaces. You’ll create an aesthetic that will be as appealing to buyers as the energy costs saved by the energy-efficient glass.


Rusco Windows & Doors offers a personalized experience for your door-shopping efforts with the help of their experienced team. There are endless combinations of styles and finishes to choose from. With Rusco, you will certainly find a sliding patio door you love that brings a little something extra into your home.

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