Get The Right Windows!

It’s summer time and sunrooms are all the rave! When adding space onto your home, choosing windows for the space is an important decision. You want to choose windows that speak to the personality of your home, that are efficient and aesthetically appealing. You want to be sure that your new space flows with the design of the rest of your home and provides a seamless transition to the new room. So, when choosing the right windows, you should consider: efficiency, aesthetics, maintenance and layout (in no specific order or in the order of importance to you.)

Energy efficiency will always be an important issue to address when choosing windows. Keep your energy bill as low as possible by choosing energy efficient windows when buying. To make this part easy, try to buy windows that are Energy Star qualified. Generally, you’ll have your efficiency needs met with double-paned glass with the proper insulating gas and coating.

As I stated before, you want the windows to add to the aesthetic value of your home. Be sure that your exterior window trim matches with the rest of the exterior and the interior matches with the rest of the interior window trim. Also, you want to consider getting windows with a similar divided light pattern as the windows in the rest of your home. At Rusco, we will help you make the best decisions for the windows for your new room that will help make the room cohesive with the rest of your home’s design.

Maintenance is another key factor in choosing your windows. You want to be able to keep them clean. Some windows are much harder to maintain than others so you need to consider your resources. A lot of the windows on today’s market have tilting mechanisms to help make the windows easier to clean.

Layout should be considered before anything else. Where will the windows be placed and how big or small will they need to be? Consider the windows you already have in your home and try to use them as a guideline for your new windows in your new room. They don’t have to match exactly but they shouldn’t be so different that it disrupts the harmony of the home.

For whatever needs you may have for the new addition to your home, we’ve got you covered! Let us help you bring light into your home with windows that you will enjoy for years to come!

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