Choosing Locks and a Doorbell for Your Entry Door

Now that you have chosen your new entry door from Rusco, it is time to consider the accessories that will complement it. For most homeowners, a durable locking system and a nice doorbell are imperative to purchase when upgrading their existing entry door. Here are a few things to consider as you begin looking at potential accessories.

Matching Finishes

Ideally, you want your lock, doorknob, doorbell, house numbers, and even outdoor lighting sconces to complement one another. While you don’t have to get every accessory in the same finish, it is wise to assure they all look nice together. For example, a brushed nickel finish can look great on all accessories, or you may choose to pair a few brushed nickel pieces with black house numbers and lighting elements for a more bold statement.

Consider Convenience

If rustling around for your house key is frustrating for you or your kids, or if you have people in and out of your home regularly, it could be wise to consider a lock that includes a keypad. Keyless entry locks are convenient for you and for those who may need to get in and out of your house easily, and you can change the combination without any additional frustration.

Smart Doorbells

Speaking of convenience, now is the time to consider if your doorbell system could use a technical upgrade. You can invest in a device, like a Nest Hello doorbell, that offers you the chance to see who is ringing your doorbell or dropping off a package. A monthly fee allows you to record as well, which can be helpful if you wish to upgrade your home’s security system.

Start with the Door

Before you splurge on accessories, be sure you invest your money in a beautiful entry door from Rusco, A new entry door can not only boost your curb appeal but can also increase the energy efficiency in your home. Let our team of experienced professionals help you decide which entry door is best suited for your house, your style, and your budget.

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