Benefits of Visiting Our Showroom

When you are searching for new windows or doors for your home, it is easy to get lost in Pinterest boards and home improvement blogs. However, this can become overwhelming quickly, leaving you more confused about what you want or what your home needs. For the past 84 years, the team at Rusco has been a part of the investment process with our clients. While we certainly have adapted our approach over the past 8 decades, one thing remains the same – our team has the experience to guide you to the very best decision that will keep you loving your home for years to come. One of the key components of the design choice process is a visit to our Chicagoland showroom.

We have learned a lot over the past 84 years, and we know that it is important for home owners to see their choices firsthand, to touch the products up close in our showroom so you know exactly what you will be getting on installation day. This step in the design process – a visit to our showroom – comes with many benefits that makes the local trip well worth your time.

Meet Our Team

One of the best parts of visiting our showroom for a consultation or design appointment is that you get to meet our team. We love when we are able to connect with a customer over a table in our showroom instead of just relying on emails or phone calls. While it might seem old fashioned, we value the eye to eye contact that a showroom visit allows us to have with our customers. We also know that our customers leave our showroom with a renewed confidence in our commitment to their home project.

Discover What You Like (and Don’t Like)

Our showroom offers displays that customers can browse with their Rusco design team members. We are able to determine your style and preferences by the way that you express your opinion on the samples that we have here. This helps the customer narrow their own design ideas and gives us a better sense of who you are as a home owner. Our showroom also allows you to touch and feel the options that you are considering. This can go a long way, especially for most customers who are able to be more confident about their decision after they can visually picture the new door or window on their home.

Get More Choices

Finally, when you visit our showroom, you are given many more choices than if you were seeing a small hand-sample in your kitchen. For most customers, they believe that there are just a few choices for doors or windows. However, when they come into the showroom, they are able to see that there are many options that are available for their next project.

Visiting our showroom is well worth your time, and since we are local to the Chicagoland area, you won’t have to spend too long driving to our location. We can’t wait to meet you in person, and not over an internet connection.

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