Not Cleaning Your Windows Regularly Could Result In Them Needing Replacement Sooner

How often do you clean your windows? If you do not clean them regularly, it could become an issue. Windows that get caked on dirt, debris, and much from the elements tend to require replacement sooner. Your windows should be cleaned relatively often. This helps keep the glass and the surrounding elements clean and fully functional. By neglecting this chore, your caulk, glass, and the wood around the window could begin to deteriorate.

Why You Want to Clean Your Windows Regularly

First of all, there is the damage that all that buildup can do to your windows.  The debris can breakdown the caulking used to hold each pane of glass in place. It can also make your glass itself more brittle. There is also the window’s support you want to think about. The debris caking itself on that wood can lead to moisture issues, leading to rotten wood or insects that like moist areas. Both of these could lead to your window sagging, bowing, or falling out entirely.

Second, you have the health issues that can come from dirty windows. Were you aware that dusty and dirty windows can accumulate dust mites? It’s true. If you take the time to clean your windows, it can literally be a healthier place to be. Untreated dust mites can cause you to suffer from allergic reactions or even hazardous breathing conditions.

Finally, you never want to add more weight to your windows. Windows are fragile while remaining strong. This is because they are balanced. If you let a lot of debris accumulate on the outside of your window, it does pose a risk that the window could eventually tip outward.

Call on Rusco Windows for Help with Your Windows

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