Tips to Decrease Your Energy Bill This Winter

Ready or not, autumn temperatures are falling and making way for cozy sweater (and heavy coat) weather. As winter approaches the Chicagoland, what are your plans to stay warm and toasty inside your home? For most homeowners, turning up the thermostat can increase the temperature to make it more comfortable inside, but that decision can also lead to sticker shock the next time the energy bill arrives in the mailbox.

If you are able to keep your home’s heat securely inside and leave the cold winter winds securely outside, your energy bill will decrease. Here are just a few ways to make your home more energy efficient this autumn, before the full force of winter arrives.

Siding Provides Warmth and Beauty

You already know siding is large part of your home’s beauty. Beautiful colors and designs can create lovely curb appeal that increases the value of your home and makes your neighbors a bit jealous. However, your siding does more than just make your home’s exterior look great. Siding plays a major part in insulating your home, keeping warm air inside and keeping cold air out.

At Rusco, we provide multiple options of siding to homeowners looking for a beauty boost and for the insulation benefits. Let us tell you about your options, as well as benefits that include noise reduction and wind tolerance.

Double Protection with Double Pane Windows

Old or damaged windows can make your home feel drafty and downright cold. Choosing to upgrade your home’s windows now can make a huge difference this winter. When determining which windows may work best for you, consider energy efficient options like double hung windows. Most energy efficient options are beautiful and can save you up to 20% annually on your heating bills!

Ditch Drafty Doors

Finally, keep your energy bills low (and your house cozy) this winter by evaluating your doors. Old or damaged doors can invite gusty winds and dirt into your home, which can leave your entire house feeling damp and chilly. Doors come in a variety of styles, and choosing an energy-efficient model doesn’t sacrifice curb appeal or design.

Find out how you can make smart decisions this autumn that will pay off this winter by giving Rusco’s design consultants a call today. Remember, our new office is located at 1740 International Parkway in Woodridge; our showroom will be arriving soon, but in the meantime, we are readily available for our clients via phone. Give us a call today!

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