Are Old Windows Still Safe to Use if Not Leaking or Cracked

At Rusco Windows, we get asked a lot of questions about when people should replace or upgrade their windows. However, one question that we hear repeatedly deserves extra attention since it can be easily overlooked. That question is “Are my old windows safe to use?” The answer might surprise you.

Consider the Materials of Your Windows & Frames

If you examine your windows and notice the frames are damaged or suspect that the casing is painted with lead-based paint, your windows may require immediate attention (see It is possible to remove the paint and get the lead portion removed and replaced. If your home was built prior to 1978, our professional installers will test for lead before installation.

Consider the Maintenance History of Your Windows

Window maintenance is something that the vast majority of homeowners and renters neglect. Windows need more care than a quick wipe down of the windowpanes once or twice a year is. The better the window is maintained throughout its lifetime, the longer the window will last. Windows can survive 20 to 25 years, or longer, with proper maintenance. If you know that the window has not been properly maintained and is older than 20 years, you are better off contacting a professional like us to come out and perform a visual inspection of the window.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Windows?

Windows, like most things, have gotten better over time. Today, we have double and triple-paned windows, new technology, and energy-efficient windows. One example is the addition of Argon gas, which improves thermal insulation and helps maintain better cooling and heating efficiency due to the gas acting as an additional insulation layer.

Contact Rusco Windows today to learn more about your windows and whether they are safe to continue to use or not. We can also answer all your questions regarding current windows brands and styles. Together we can help you make sure that your home has all of the protection and beauty that it deserves!

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