Winterizing Your Doors

Your doors are the gateway to your home for your family and for your guests. However, your doors can let more than visitors inside your house. Cold winter winds can sneak in through your doors, making your home feel drafty and increasing your energy bills, if you do not winterize them correctly.

Here are just a few ways that you can fix up your doors to keep the warmth in and the cold Chicagoland winter temperatures out.

Check the seal
First and foremost, check the seal of all doors to your home. Your front door, back door and any side doors that lead to your garage can only keep wind and snow out of your home if the seal is tight and unbroken. If you cannot tell if the seal is damaged, and sometimes broken seals are difficult to see with a quick visual check, begin looking around the door regularly. Are you noticing sand near your door frame? This could be a sign that there is miniscule damage to the seal in your door.

Check the frame
Doors can also have damage over time to their frame. Double check your door frames, inside and outside. If you notice any damage to the frame, or if your door isn’t closing well, it could be an indicator that it is time to invest in a new door. Fortunately, you can select a new door in October, before the manufacturers’ annual price increase of 5%, and have it installed before winter arrives.

Check the material
If your door is more than 15 years old, it is wise to invest in a newer model sooner than later. Not only are the doors at Rusco beautiful and stylish, they are also built to last many Chicago winters. You will notice the difference in your energy bills, as well in your curb appeal, when your new door is installed.

Check the storm doors
Remember, your storm doors are an important defense against cold winds and blowing snow. If your storm door is damaged, or if you would like a more durable version than what you currently have, give us a call to review your options.

October is an ideal month to assure that your home features doors that are welcoming to guests and a barrier to cold temperatures. If you are ready to invest in new doors for your house, we would love to work with you to find what would work best for your style and your budget. Give us a call or visit our showroom today!

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