Window Inspiration for Your Child’s Room

Your child’s room showcases your style and your child’s personality. Whether you are preparing a nursery for a baby on the way, or if you are upgrading the existing room for a bigger kid or teen, you know that every detail is important to your overarching design. A new window, or an upgrade to a current window, can be a crucial design element for your child’s new room. Here are some ideas that could inspire you as you put the finishing touches on your child’s room.

Add a Skylight
For a child’s room that is on the upper floor, you can add more natural light and accentuate the ceiling by adding a skylight. We love this addition to a room, and it works well for stargazing during bedtime routines as well. Another idea? Skylights look amazing in a playroom that has been converted from unused attic space.

Add a Window
Most houses feature one window per smaller bedroom, but that doesn’t have to box you in with your design choices. Adding a new window can add more light and air, as well as make the entire space feel roomier. While you add a new window, be sure to upgrade the existing window to match.

Add a Book Nook
If you have the space for it, consider replacing an existing window for a bay window version that allows for additional space. Transform the new bay window into the perfect reading nook, complete with cozy pillows and cushions for your kiddo to sit on. Frame the window with book shelves for easy access to all their favorites.

Add Darkening Designs
For babies, toddlers, and even big kids, room darkening strategies are imperative. While it is wonderful that your new windows allow for more access to the sunlight, it is not as wonderful when that sunlight wakes up Baby at 5am. Find room darkening shades that can work for naptime and bedtime, but that can also easily roll up during playtime.

Work with the Best
Finally, when you are brainstorming about window options for your child’s bedroom, make the decision to work with the best in the Chicagoland area. The team here at Rusco has been guiding homeowners through design decisions for more than 81 years. We can provide you with ideas based on our own experiences and work diligently to give you a quality window that you will love. Even better, we will arrange for a seamless and stress free installation process.

Give us a call today to get started on your room’s new look. We can’t wait to work with you!

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