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Your home’s new siding can boost curb appeal and even give the outside of your house an updated design. While investing in new siding can seem pricey, you are paying for much more than just an upgraded design or increased house value. Your siding is your home’s first defense against the elements, fending off cold Chicago winters and the heat of summer. Siding can help to decrease your energy costs, and does need to be replaced every few decades in order to keep your home safe and repair free.

When it is time to choose your new siding, you may want to start with width options or even color choices. However, before you can begin to make design choices, you need to start by choosing the best material for you and your home. Here is a quick summary of your best siding choices, available at Rusco.

Vinyl Siding

A tried and true material available for your home’s siding is vinyl. This option gives our homeowners peace of mind when it comes to durability. This material is weather resistant, and can stand up to the harshest weather in Chicagoland without rotting, warping, or becoming damaged. To keep vinyl siding looking its best, a rinse with the garden hose every once in awhile is the extent of the maintenance it requires. Low maintenance and long durability make vinyl siding a wonderful option for homes across our area. Even better, the price is budget friendly.

Composite Siding

Homeowners who seek a more traditional look for their home may choose to work with composite siding. Our composite siding is made to look like cedar planks and offer fewer visible seams thanks to longer panel lengths. Composite siding may look like real wood, but it offers none of the hassles that often come with working with real wooden siding. Say so long to termites and mold by working with composite siding.

Fiber Cement Siding

Yet another option for homeowners is fiber cement siding. This option is durable and can last for years without showing any signs of rotting, warping, or discoloration. Homeowners love working with fiber cement siding due to its low maintenance requirements and its color availability.

Not sure where to start with your siding project? Most homeowners are not aware of the decisions they have the chance to make when replacing the siding on their house. Thanks to the team at Rusco, you don’t have to worry about missing any important detail. For more than 81 years, our team has worked with homeowners across the Chicagoland area installing windows, siding, decking, and more. If you want to work with a team that has seen it all, and that can guide you through the decision making process, call us today.

Our design consultants are ready to hear more about your house, your goals, and your budget. We can help you find the perfect siding at the right price.

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