Spring Cleaning Your Doors and Windows

It has been an especially harsh winter here in the Chicago suburbs. The cold temperatures, whipping winds, and piles of snow are not just hard on you – the elements are also hard on the exterior of your home. Once the spring weather breaks, take good care of your home’s exterior by devoting some time to a thorough cleaning. Spring cleaning your doors and windows can not only make your home look better from the outside, but you are also more likely to notice the light streaming inside better as well.

Remove the Dust and Debris

Blustering winds can bring plenty of dust and debris to your doors and windows. As you begin your cleaning process, start by clearing out the extra dirt, leaves, and pine needles that may have wedged themselves into hinges, nooks, and crannies. Use a broom to carefully sweep the outside and inside areas of your doors and a soft brush to remove any debris from the outside and inside of windows.

Give a Good Wipedown

Now that the debris is gone, you can give your doors and windows a good wipedown. Skip the cleaning agents for now and just start with water. The inside and outside of your door, as well as the framing of your windows,  need a quick rinse with water before you can begin scrubbing.

Start to Clean

Use dishsoap and water to clean your doors and the framing of your windows. Don’t forget to do the process to the inside and outside. Once you have scrubbed gently, you can rinse with water and dry with a paper towel.

For the glass of your windows or doors, use your cleaner of choice. Some of our clients swear by water mixed with white vinegar while others use window cleaner from the store. No matter what you use, be sure to clean both sides of the window and consider using a squeegee to minimize streaks or smears.

Enjoy Your Work

Now that your doors and windows are clean, you can sit back and enjoy the results. You will notice your home feels lighter with the extra sunlight, and the exterior of your home will look ready for the new season as well.

If you notice any damage while cleaning your doors or windows, don’t wait to replace them. The team at Rusco is ready to assist you with any questions you may have about your upcoming home improvement projects.

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