Planning Your Summer Deck Project

Are you already dreaming of entertaining guests in your backyard this summer? If you are thinking of dinner party menus and good conversations under the stars, you need to begin planning your project list this spring. Don’t wait until summer weather is already here to start your deck improvements. Here is your list of starter questions for getting to the outdoor space of your dreams.

Is your current deck space safe?

Decks made of wood materials can become unsafe quickly. Look at your current deck and determine if it is safe. Are splinters a real concern when walking barefoot? Are there missing planks or rotted sections that seem sketchy? If your current deck is not looking it’s best, a brand new replacement is the best (and safest) decision for your home.

Do you like the current size and shape?

If you are replacing your deck, you have the option of creating a new layout. Take time to note if you like the current size and shape of your deck, or if it could use some help. Perhaps you would like room for potted citronella plants or for it to extend a few feet farther to make room for a few more guests. Write down what you like about your current size/shape and what you would like to see improved with the new version and bring it with you when you meet with your Rusco representative.

Do you have time for regular deck maintenance?

If you want your deck to be relatively maintenance-free, opt for vinyl or composite decking materials. Here at Rusco, we hear our clients praise these materials for their durability and how they are fuss-free.

Would you prefer something different?

Maybe you aren’t sure if a deck is the best option for your backyard right now, but you know you want space to entertain, grill, and sit. Our Azec pavers are a lovely option for homeowners looking to add a design element to their outdoor space but don’t want a deck.

Let’s start building your outdoor space today so that you can enjoy it all summer long. Call the team at Rusco to get started.

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