Signs of Exterior Damage to Your Home

Your home’s siding, roofing, windows, and other sliding doors do more than make for excellent curb appeal. The exterior elements of your home protect it from harsh Chicagoland temperatures, damaging sunlight, and blustering wind. When there is even small damage done to your home’s exterior, there is serious potential for consequences ranging from flooding to increased energy bills.

As you take time this Spring to clean up your yard and property before Summer arrives, be sure to inspect your house exterior as well. If you notice signs of damage, call in the professionals at Rusco Windows & Doors. Our team of experienced craftsmen is ready to replace or repair exterior elements from windows to roofing, siding, and everything in between.

Gaps in Window Seals

There’s nothing quite worse than a drafty window. Assure your home is safe from the summer heat by inspecting the seal around each window of your home, inside and out.

Shingle Discoloration

Your roof shingles can show wear and tear easily, and you don’t need a ladder to see if there is potential damage. Instead, look at your roof and determine if there are any missing or damaged shingles. Discolored shingles can point to wear and tear, or mold. In either case, you need repair before winter arrives.

The sliding door is not sealed correctly

Sliding doors, front doors, and storm doors can take a beating during the summer months thanks to lots of visitors and entertaining. If any of your doors show cracked or broken glass, it is time to start the replacement process before winter weather arrives.

Dents in Siding

Your siding is your home’s first line of defense from temperature, wind, and weather. Look for small holes or dents around your entire home, keeping your eyes peeled for signs of critters trying to get in as well.

Don’t delay in repairing or replacing exterior elements of your home. Call the team at Rusco Windows & doors to talk more about your concerns and to set up a consultation before we are in full swing in the summertime.

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