Tempered Glass, Skylighting, and Other Specialty Windows

One of the best ways to add more character to your home is by switching to a specialty type of glass. Different textures and transparency grades on your glass can also completely overhaul the lighting elements, leading to a completely different atmosphere for your interior spaces.

Glass changes don’t just have to include windows, either. Multiple areas of your home may benefit from glass upgrades – skylights are a great example of this.

If you want to add some unique upgrades to your home, consider different glass upgrades. In this article, we’ll highlight some popular changes you can make to your home.

New Glass Installation

New types of glass can do several things for the windows of your home. They change the character and look of your home, but they can also improve your utility bill.

Tempered glass and different levels of transparency can change how much light enters your home, making it more insulated. The following glass installations can add tons of character to different areas of your home and are options you should definitely consider.

Tempered Glass

You’ve probably seen tempered glass before. It’s the murky-looking glass installed on basement and bathroom windows. This type of glass is great if you want to reduce the amount of sunlight entering an area.

Additionally, they can be great for higher levels of privacy. These types of windows are impossible to see through – in any great detail, anyway.

Bent Glass

Bent glass is perfect for adding a unique window to your kitchen or bathroom. These windows are contoured, eliminating the flat surface.

Usually, these types of glass installations are used for small bathroom or kitchen windows and skylights. This design can also be combined with tempered glass.

Fireplace Glass

Adding glass to your fireplace can give the area the additional character it needs. Pyrex and ceramic are great, giving the area a clean look. Additionally, these heat-resistant surfaces are perfect for withstanding the high temperatures from the flames.

Custom Shapes

Many glass designers and studios offer custom shapes and styles for glass pieces and windows. Get as creative as you want with custom-shaped glass, adding character to any area of your home.

Custom shapes are great for use as exterior windows to match the shapes or contours of your home. If you have a stone house with a large number of different shapes or patterns, getting custom-shaped windows installed can be a great compliment.

Glass is the perfect way to add character to your windows or other areas of your home. Be creative and find the area that would benefit the most from the creative element or other benefits of custom glass!

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