Shortcuts for Warm Windows

There is no substitute for brand new windows from great manufacturers such as Pella Windows , Marvin or Thermal Industries . But if you’re looking for quick ways to warm up your home try these short cuts.

Quick Heating Hacks
1. Curtains. A great and inexpensive way to battle the chill is to hang heavy curtains. Switching out your light summer curtains for heavy winter drapes has the same effect as trading in your tank-top for your woolen sweater!

2. Door Snake. One of the most common drafts in a home comes from the bottom of a front door. A draft-stopping door snake is meant to sit where your door meets the floor and block the unwanted chill of an outdoor breeze.

3. Door Curtain. For homes with a glass door, a large velvet floor-curtain hanging on the inside of the door is a certain way to stop the draft. Pull it to the side during the day to create an eloquent entranceway, and pull it closed at night to stop unwanted drafts and ensure a cozy private home.

4. Cellular “Honeycomb” Shades. While normal shades are one layer, these shades are made with folds of fabric that create a multi-layered blind. The layers in the cellular shade act as air pockets, insulating your windows much like the air pockets of a down jacket.

The chill of winter is a tough battle and the expense of a heating bill can make it even harder. To ensure a warm home, it’s always great to know a few heating hacks. Although, when it comes down to it, there is only one surefire way to ensure a warm home with a low heating bill in the winter.

How are you going to stay warm this winter? Short term: drink hot tea. Long term: Call RUSCO.

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