Save Money this Winter with Home Improvements

During the holiday season, you might be more focused on spending money than on saving it. But it is the perfect season to save extra household money by wisely investing in some home improvement projects that you may have been putting off for too long. Even in Chicagoland, home of the eternal winter, doing your home improvement project in December can not only get done quickly, it can also save you money.

Enjoy Lower Energy Costs

New windows, doors, or siding can do more than just boost your curb appeal. While these new additions are certainly lovely to look at and enjoy, you will also see falling energy bills. Choosing the right siding, doors, or windows can decrease your heating use, as these seal up your home from the chilly outside weather.

You may not notice it, but old windows or doors breakdown, causing tiny cracks that cold wind can sneak through. Eliminate the drafts in your home by upgrading your doors or windows.

Old windows and doors aren’t the only culprits of inefficient heating in the home. Outdated or old siding doesn’t insulate your home as well. New siding can be installed quickly and wrap your home in warmth quickly.

Take Advantage of End of the Year Pricing

Many manufacturers increase their prices at the beginning of the year. While our installation costs remain relatively consistent, our vendors do increase pricing at the beginning of the year. Get the upgrades you want before the end of the year so that you aren’t paying additional costs just because you waited until the spring.

Enjoy Tax Incentives

Finally, did you know that you can receive a tax credit for certain energy efficient upgrades on your home? Earn that tax credit before the curtain falls on 2016 by asking our consultants about energy efficient windows, doors, and even siding.

Our installation team can often install your upgrades within one day, weather permitting, leaving you plenty of time to entertain for the holidays. Give us a call to set up a consultation soon, and take advantage of the long and short term savings.

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