Roofs: Replacing Your Home’s Crowning Jewel

You have determined that it’s time to replace your old roofing with new roofing, which means picking out new shingles. This can be daunting task, but not when you are prepared. You want to be sure to invest in a shingle that will protect your most valuable asset from any kind of weather damage while adding to the exterior beauty of your home.


First you must start with selecting the type of shingle style you want for your new roof. Of course there are lots to choose from, however our roofing partner, Iko, has the styles and products that will make it easy for your to choose from. Let’s start with selecting a particular style.


Iko has two distinct types of shingle styles that you can choose from:

Traditional 3-Tab Design shingles:

These shingles add more of a custom look and feel with its 3-tab design and are perfect for any style of home.


Architectural shingles:

These shingles resemble most like classic wood shakes and are a perfect complement to a steep-pitched roof for their attention-grabbing and intricate texture. These shingles come in several different series which incorporates algae and wind resistance. If these features are a particular concern to the roofing environment where your home is located then Iko’s Architectural series  is your best bet for your roofing needs.


Next is the color-selection process. Since each style of shingle is available in a wide variety of color choices, it is important to know what color-scheme you would like your roof to reflect.


If you are considering repainting or residing your home, take those colors into consideration when choosing your new roofing color. Otherwise, drive around your neighborhood and take note of the colors of roofs that you like and want to avoid. Of the roof colors you like, compare to your current or future home’s exterior colors to find the best complimentary shingle color.


When you have some color ideas locked down, be sure to ask your Rusco expert to bring samples of the Iko shingles so you can see them in person. Also consider asking your Rusco expert if there are any homes in your area that have recently been redone by them so you can see an entire roof in person before your make your decision.


If you are still having trouble mentally visualizing how your home will look with new shingles, consider using the IKO RoofViewer tool on IKO’s website. It’s interactive and will help you see how your chosen shingle style and color will look on a home similar to yours.


Mid-year is the best time to make your shingle selection and replace your roof. So call the roofing experts at Rusco so we can help you replace the crowning jewel of your home’s exterior – your roof!

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