Skylight and Sun Tunnel Pros & Cons

Skylights and sun tunnels are complimentary window styles that are installed on your roof to allow your home’s rooms to be filled with beautiful, natural light as an alternative to using electricity and light fixtures.


If you are considering installing or replacing skylights or sun tunnels, you will have to weigh the benefits with the concerns to see if skylights or sun tunnels are the best option for you and your home.


Some pros or benefits of having sky lights or sun tunnels:

  • The first one to come to mind is of course all of the extra natural light a skylight or sun tunnels may bring. Depending on where your roof faces and the room that is beneath will determine how much direct or indirect sunlight that you may be able to achieve. Skylights may make you think you accidentally left the lights on, but didn’t.


  • Sun tunnels are typically smaller, round windows that have a mirrored shaft which tunnels through your attic and into an interior small room or hallway. This option provides natural light to spaces like hallways, closets, or smaller bathrooms reducing the need to actually turn on your light switch in these areas.


  • And of course, there is the aesthetic benefit of having skylights. With just a glance up while relaxing in bed or in your living room, you’ll be able to enjoy a view of the heavens at all times ~ blue skies, stars, light, clouds, and rain ~ all without having to go outside.


The concerns some homeowners have with skylights or sun tunnels are valid, however, are possible to be avoided all-together if the homeowner and contractor work together to minimize the risks of these concerns upfront:

  • When adding a window to the roof, of course there is potential to heat up the home. But this can be dramatically decreased if the skylight is installed on the most energy efficient side of the roof which will decrease the amount of direct heat that is generated by the position of the sun in the sky. Another way to avoid unwanted additional heat can be to install only skylights that are glazed with protective coating that is appropriate for the climate and region of where your home is located. Be sure to discuss with your contractor for the best options.


  • Of course skylights are wonderful to see the sky and weather, but what about leakage from rainstorms? This would be a result of poor installation. Avoid this issue with a contractor, like Rusco, who is certified to install the brand of skylight or sun tunnel you are using and who has a proven track record of satisfied customers.


  • Cost is always a concern for the homeowner who is doing any kind of remodel. Minimize your upfront cost with finding a contract, like Rusco, who specializes in the installation of a well-known and high quality skylight and sun tunnel manufacturer like VELUX. VELUX offers a variety of skylights, sun tunnels and roof window styles and options that can fit any budget.


If you are considering skylights or sun tunnels, you now see that a little bit of planning in advance with a qualified, experienced contractor can practically eliminate any concerns about adding a skylight or sun tunnel to your home. Call our window experts at Rusco today to schedule a free assessment and quote for your new skylights and sun tunnels today!

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