How to Care for and Maintain Skylights

Skylights provide natural lighting and a wow factor to your home. However, maintaining and caring for skylights differs from other lights or windows in your home. Here are some regular maintenance and cleaning tips to keep your skylights looking their best and functioning properly.

Clean the Skylight Regularly

Dust, grime, and other debris can accumulate on your skylights’ interior and exterior surfaces over time. This dirt blocks the sunlight and makes the actual skylight look dirty. 

You should add cleaning and dusting the skylights to your regular household routine every three to six months or more if you see dirt and dust. Use a mild cleaner and soft cloth on the skylight to prevent scratching, or follow your manufacturer’s guidelines—vacuum around the edges to remove any dirt or dust buildup.

Check and Reseal Any Cracked Caulking

As the name implies, skylights are in the ceiling and thus exposed to direct heat and light, much more than a typical window. Caulking around the edges can crack over time, leading to leaks when it rains. During cleaning and any time moisture appears, inspect the caulk and replace it as necessary. 

Storm Damage

Heavy rains, high winds, and flying debris can cause damage to your skylights. After a storm, inspect the skylight for damage to the frame, glass, and caulk. Look for leaks around the edges and damage to the glass. Minor damage can quickly escalate and cause expensive repairs.

Heat Damage

Constant exposure to the sun causes caulk and rubber seals to become dry, brittle, and eventually crack. If you notice condensation in your skylight, you may have a gap in the seal that needs to be repaired. This gap can also let hot air in, eventually leading to leaks during rain storms. 

Prolong Your Skylight’s Life

Your skylight is exposed to constant ultraviolet light from the sun and constant weather changes. This can lead to fading, tiny cracking, or a dingy appearance on the acrylic panels. Many skylight manufacturers recommend recoating the skylight panels every 8 to 10 years to prevent this. 

Caring for your skylights requires work but pays off through brighter interior light and lower energy bills from sunlight. Be proactive with inspections, cleaning, and repairs to maximize longevity so you can enjoy your views from above for decades. Call us to inspect and clean your skylights regularly and keep your light shining for years.

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