Skylights Can Boost Natural Light and Mental Health

The type of lighting you use in your home can have a profound effect on your quality of life. We often think of lighting as affecting the usability of a space or the wow factor of a room. That’s certainly true when it comes to skylights. They allow in plenty of light and ensure that you’re able to see well even without flipping the light switch. They’re also stunningly beautiful and add a lot to your space. However, did you know that they can also improve your mental health?

It’s All About Natural Light

There’s a direct connection between good mental health and the amount of natural light you’re exposed to regularly. This is why some people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the winter months when sunshine is less abundant. 

According to Healthline, exposure to sunlight increases serotonin production in the brain, which boosts your mood and helps you feel calm and focused. Low serotonin levels have been linked to major depression, anxiety, and even panic attacks.

Choosing the Right Skylight

Ready to enjoy a dramatic boost in ambient natural light and your mood? It’s as simple as installing a skylight. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll discover a skylight to fit any need, budget, or space.

Conventional Skylights

Traditional skylights are fixed windows mounted in the roof that allow light into a space. You can install these in almost any room, but they’re particularly well suited to the kitchen and living rooms.

Opening Skylights

If you want to increase the flow of air and the amount of light in your space, opening skylights could be just what you need. These open at the bottom to let hot air out and cool air in, keeping your home more comfortable without the need to run the AC.

Solar Tunnels

Don’t have the space for a traditional skylight? Solar tunnels might be just what you want. These are tunnels made from highly reflective metal that channel sunlight from the outside to any room in the home without the need for a large skylight. They work well in laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and anywhere else you want to bring a bit more light.

As you can see skylights boost your mood and improve your mental health, and with the wide range of styles and types, there’s an option to fit just about any home or budget. Contact Rusco Windows and Doors today to learn more about skylight installations!

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