5 Features to Look for When Upgrading Your Home’s Windows

Are your home’s windows showing their age? Maybe you’ve noticed frame damage from condensation or exposure to the elements, or perhaps you’re concerned about air leaks around the frames. Whatever the case, there’s never been a better time to upgrade those windows! Of course, you’ll need to know a few things to look for during the process.

Energy Efficiency

Look for windows that are designed to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Low-E glass helps reduce UV light’s penetration into your home, keeping it cooler and more comfortable. It also helps protect your furniture and belongings from the damaging effects of UV exposure.

The Number of Panes

Old-style single-pane windows should be replaced, but you have options when it comes to what you replace them with. Double-paned windows offer an affordable way to improve efficiency and reduce noise, but depending on where you live, triple-paned windows may be an even better solution. They offer higher efficiency ratings than double-paned windows for extreme climates, and they can also reduce higher noise levels.

Tilting Mechanism

While traditional windows slide up and down to allow fresh air into your home, that may not be the most effective option when it comes to cleaning. Modern windows can be installed with double-hung sashes that tilt, allowing you to clean them more easily.


You want full screens on your replacement windows so that you can keep bugs and debris out while letting fresh air inside during clement weather. However, you should opt for finer mesh screens. These allow more air and light into your home but don’t block your view the way standard screens may.

Grille or No Grille?

Modern windows are manufactured with single sheets of glass. However, you may want to add grilles to make them look more authentic. If your home is in a historic area or you have a specific type of architecture, you may need to add grilles as well. These are adhered to the inside and outside of the glass to make the windows look like they’re made from multiple panes of glass within a frame.

No One Right Answer

As you can see, you have lots to consider when it comes to upgrading your home’s windows. There is no one right answer that will fit everyone’s requirements. Work with Rusco Windows and Doors to find the right style and upgrades for your home and budget.

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