4 Ways to Decrease Your Energy Use

Your energy-efficient home should have many features that make it easier to save money. The more features you add when you first build or move into your home, the more money you will save. Here are several different ways you can decrease the energy use in your home and save money.


If you paint your window with a special kind of paint, you will be able to keep out most of the sun’s heat in summer and reduce drafts in winter. You can also add storm windows for extra insulation.

Simple double-paned glass is already somewhat energy efficient. However, if your house uses double-hung or sliding windows, insulating window film might help cut down on the amount of cold air that enters through them during winter months by up to 50 percent. Vinyl replacement windows may also help decrease your bills during colder weather. These improvements decrease your heating and cooling costs by an average of 10 percent, making them worthwhile investments.


Thick, energy-efficient doors are often made of fiberglass, solid wood, or steel. They also have better weatherstripping, hinges, and locks to prevent air leaks around the door. If your existing doors are old and no longer seal properly, it may be time to upgrade to a new door.


Improving insulation in your attic will keep warm air inside during the winter months, while cool air stays inside during the summer months. Batts are an inexpensive way for you to add insulation if it is already exposed in your attic. You can use fiberglass insulation to fill up these spaces. Newer homes may have insulation already built-in as part of the design.


Instead of using asphalt shingles, consider using metal or special kinds of tiles to make your roof sturdier. These types of roofs will survive high winds better than asphalt roofs. Installing an attic fan is another way for you to cool off without turning on the air conditioning unit. This may increase your energy bill slightly, but the savings from no longer needing to run your A/C should cover it.

For more tips on how to increase your energy savings, reach out to us here at Rusco Windows. We have plenty of ideas from our years of experience.

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