How Replacement Windows Can Decrease Your Cooling Costs

It’s obvious that you love your old home and all its charm. However, that old home may hold a few secrets that you may be unaware of. For example, did you know that old windows, like most old homes have, can increase how much you pay to keep your home at a consistently comfortable temperature? It’s true. You could end up paying significantly more to keep your home cool during the summer, as well as warm during winter. If you take the time to replace those old windows, your savings could be considerable.

Benefits of Replacing Old Windows

On top of simply having a better quality and nicer looking window, when you replace old windows, you improve your entire home. New windows keep the entire house more comfortable, temperature wise. They also are sturdier and safer for your home. Depending on the type of window you get, you can have more comfortable controls as part of the window, too.

New windows are often double or triple paned. Old windows are usually only one pane of glass. That means that the temperature outside can quickly become the temperature inside as well. When you have more panes of glass, the temperature outside has more to go through to change the temperature inside your home. Most of these windows also have gas between the panes of glass that do not transfer temperature as easily, too.

If you can cut your cooling costs by even 25% simply by replacing old windows, that means that as time goes on, your windows pay for themselves. Once you break even on the expense, you get to keep the rest as savings. At that point, you can upgrade another area of your home to look and feel even better.

Rusco Windows is Here to Help

We have been helping people all around Chicagoland with windows and doors for many years. If you want to replace old windows or even an old door on your home, contact us and let us show you how we can help. Here at Rusco Windows, we know how precious your time and resources are, and we want to help you start saving money right away.

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