3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Whether you have single pane or double, or many of the other kinds of windows that Rusco offers,  there is going to come a time when they’ll need replacing. Luckily, we here at Rusco are going to let you in on some sound ways to tell it’s time for new windows.

When To Buy New Windows

  1. Draft. While all windows will let a little air in, it’s when these drafts become noticeable and you can hear or feel them that you’ve got yourself a problem. A temporary fix is to use sealants, but even those tend to shrink and expand depending on weather conditions, making the only true solution replacing your windows.
  2. Condensation. If you’re using double or triple paned windows and notice condensation between the panes, the odds are that one of the panes is no longer sealed properly. Moisture from the outside leaking between the windows will cause condensation and, depending on the seriousness, will often mean you need to replace your windows.
  3. Opening and Closing. When you start having trouble opening and closing your older windows, it’s time to get new ones. Often times, when dealing with metal or wooden windows, the material can be known to bloat, rust and/or mold making opening and closing the windows dangerous. Additionally, for older double and single hung windows, the windows balance is what keeps it from slamming shut, and when it no longer works the windows can pose a hazard.

If you’re experiencing any of the window failures above, it may be time to replace your old windows with new windows. When it does come time to replace your windows, consider a family company that’s been serving the western Chicagoland suburbs since 1937. Consider Rusco. 

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