Would an Awning Window Work for You?

When homeowners begin to consider purchasing new windows, many are thinking of replacing the windows they already have. This, of course, is a wonderful idea. Old windows are not only drafty, they can also be downright ugly. Giving your home an updated set of windows immediately increases the value of your home and can make you fall in love with your new additions.

However, new windows do not always need to be replacements for old ones. The beauty of customization means you can pick and choose where windows will work in your home space. At Rusco, we specialize in customizing the perfect windows for each homeowner’s dreams. Sometimes, new windows in new spaces can create more natural light and more access to fresh air, and be the exact thing your home needs.

What are awning windows?
A great option for a customized window is an awning window. These windows have a hinge at the top of the window. They open outward only, and are often found near the ceiling of rooms. Sometimes, awning windows are paired with already existing windows, giving the illusion of a taller window.

Awning windows are versatile and can be made in various sizes to suit your room or space. They are the perfect addition to bathrooms, giving plenty of privacy while still offering the option for fresh air or sunlight. Hallways, or even closets, can benefit from a well placed awning window, whether one that stands alone or a grouping of two or more.

Awning windows are easy to open, even if they are at a higher height than more traditional styles. You will find yourself opening them more often than not, as they offer the perfect amount of fresh air into the home without feeling like it is too gusty or drafty.

Are you curious about if an awning window could work in your home? Let’s talk about it. Our designers would love to work with you to determine where your awning windows should be. Give us a call to get started, or stop by our showroom to see samples.

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