Windows for Every Architectural Style

Choosing a custom window, or a new set of windows, for your home can be a stressful experience. You want the windows to look great, be energy efficient, and be durable enough to last for many years to come. Part of making the best decision means taking into consideration which windows will enhance your home’s exterior and interior design. There’s nothing quite worse than a window that looks out of place on a house; it can decrease curb appeal and even make your home more difficult to sell.

In contrast, the right window choice can enhance your home’s overall design. It can boost curb appeal and make you the talk of your neighborhood. When you are choosing your next window or set of windows, be sure to take into consideration your house’s current architectural design. Then, choose a window that will complement and enhance that design.

For the Modern Home

Clean lines and minimal extra design elements make for a typical modern home exterior design. If your house boasts a modern look, don’t clutter your windows with too many crossbars or grilles. Instead, focus on clean lines that enhance the strong lines of your exterior. We love custom windows for a more modern look, especially long and horizontal rectangles in clusters or large, oversized square windows. Add a frame featuring a dark color and you have a sleek look that won’t be going out of style any time soon.

Cottage Style Home

Older homes here in the Chicago suburbs tend to have a lot of character, and your new windows should add to that style. Consider a custom window that includes an arch, or choose windows that are circular and add to the charm of your home.

Traditional Style Home

If your home isn’t quite cottage style and isn’t quite modern, you are likely working with a more traditional style. In this case, you can choose windows that complement your personal style while still keeping with the natural lines of your home.

Not sure which window style would best complement your home’s exterior while still making a design statement you love? Let us help! Our Rusco team has been successfully working with clients throughout Chicagoland and are ready to walk you through the design process as well. We know you will love the end result.

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